Hi everyone!

Fansites (which include guild pages, livestreams/webshows, podcasts, blogs, and more) are a significant part of the EverQuest Next community. 

In order to those who run the sites to be able to keep their information up to date, and to allow new sites that pop up a chance to be included on the list, we've moved the official fansite list HERE, to our official Wikia! Now, if you run a fansite, podcast, livestream, or similar site for EverQuest Next, you can add yourself to the list.

Currently, the fansite list page includes the external links to a significant number of the fansites, but you can also create a unique page on the Wikia for your site! To learn more about creating content on the Wikia, check out Yaviey's blog ! 

If you run a guild for EverQuest Next, you'll want to check out this section of the Wikia. Here you can add your guild's site and/or create a page for your guild on the Wikia.  

Please add your site, and check out the other great sites that have been created!

Dexella (talk) 21:10, February 12, 2014 (UTC)Dexella

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