The Four is a religion in EverQuest Next. Its pantheon consists of four gods.

Amaril Goddess of Earth
Ignestus God of Fire
Ohnsha Goddess of Air
Prexus God of Water


Many historians claim that the first sentient beings to perform acts of worship on Norrath were the giants. According to early accounts--mainly collected from ancient shrines or passed down through legends--the giants, beings born of the elements, were astounded when they saw massive elemental titans towering above them. The colossal titans reshaped Norrath at will, scraping earth to form mountains and swelling water to cover land with vast oceans. The giants named the greatest titans, each representing one of the four primal elements: Amaril (earth), Ignestus (fire), Ohnsha (air), and Prexus (water).

Little verifiable history survived from this ancient time, but it’s clear that the titans, if they ever truly existed, disappeared before mortal races emerged on Norrath. Giants claim it was the dragons who drove away their gods, and have fought many wars against the children of Veeshan in the name of vengeance. But it’s unclear how or why the dragons would’ve been responsible for the titans’ disappearance.

Even after the titans were gone, the influence of the Four Shapers remained. The giants told legends that one day their gods would awaken to reshape the world again. They built massive monuments to honor the titans, some of which endure to the present day.

When the first mortal races appeared, early tribes discovered the giants’ monuments and adopted the titan deities as their own. As Keldarain society developed, they expanded on the simple depictions of the Four they found, giving the faceless titans personalities and associating them with seasons. Festivals were held in their honor each year, and rituals were established to garner their favor.

Over time, Seraph worship rose to dominance, and devotion to the Four declined. Yet the celebrations held in their honor remained a reminder of their former influence.

The younger races that came after the Keldarain – gnomes, dwarves, kerrans, etc. – discovered ancient temples and revived worship of the Four. Though some clung to these old ways, the religion never regained its former prominence.[1]

Groups Who Worship The FourEdit

  1. Shifting Grove
  2. Children of the Shapers


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