The Takish Age is an age in the Dal Era. It was a time of Elven dominance and considered a tremendous shift of power among the races of Norrath.

This age began with the end of the Shissar War, which left the Elves paranoid. They were betrayed by a people they trusted, which made them question the loyalty of every other race. The racial tension led to the formation of the Koada'Dal, the elite class of Elves, who eventually started to consider themselves superior to all other races. The Takish Empire, an institution of Elven superiority, formed during this age, which gave this age its name. The Elves were able to maintain their dominance, because they unlocked the knowledge of High Magic. Even the Dragons were afraid of that kind of magic and so the Takish Empire appeared invulnearable. Once the Dal established their power, concentrated in their capitol of Takish'Hiz, they began enslaving what they considered to be lesser races. Among these races were draconic races as well that were allied with the Dragons, such as Phyxians, Drakes and Kobolds. When these draconic races were subjugated, the Dragons became isolated, since they were unable to intervene and eventually left for Velious.[1]

However, the Takish Empire faced a major crisis when the Ashfall occurred, which left Takish'Hiz destroyed and the Elves bereft of High Magic. The Dal succeeded in maintaining control over the empire at first, but the Takish Age ended, when the Dragons returned and started the Dragon War.

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