Takish'Hiz as depicted on the cover of The Stars of Home
Status Ruins
Location Center of the Western Coast of the Sundered Strait

Takish'Hiz is the ruins of the capital city for the Takish Empire that sat in the center of the two split continents of Antonica.[1] The ruins of this city sit adjacent to the perpetually open portal to Akashidak[2]. A magical storm encircles the city and the surrounding region, the unending maelstrom and the destruction of the city both caused by the events of the Ashfall.

History Edit

Takish'Hiz was the capitol of the Takish Empire and one of the residences of the Emperor.[3] It was founded due to the discovery of a wellspring, long ago[4]. It was the center of the Ashfall and destroyed in the course of the Ashfall.[1]

Location Edit

Takish'Hiz was located south of Lavastorm.[5]

Points of Interest Edit

Low QuarterEdit

This section of town was reserved for the "lower races". There were busy streets and squares:

  • Camphor Street
  • Harken Lane
  • Raven’s Square
  • Bank Street

Sentinel HillEdit

Housing area for Nobility

Sun GardenEdit

Imperial PalaceEdit

  • Chamber of Repentance - A prison within the palace

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