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Rohsong image from EQNext SOELive Keynote

The Rohsong is a book every character in Everquest Next will use to help guide them through the game. This companion book will house logs of your past adventures and deeds (along with your servers) as well as guide you to new adventures, areas, and events. This book is a shadow like copy of the original Rohsong of legend.

Your copy of Rohsong is an echo of an ancient book first crafted by Solusek. Each echo is unique to its wielder. It collects YOUR knowledge. YOUR adventures.


The original Rohsong was a book of knowledge crafted by Solusek, with assistance from a friend, the dragon Yelinak[1]. It was intended to help Solusek translate the ancient ruins that hold the secrets of High Magic. Solusek had discovered a potent concentration of magic called sephyr, and was seeking a way to tap in its power. After many attempts, he found a way to bind himself to the sephyr. The energies unleashed also touched Rohsong, giving the book sentience. As Solusek travelled Norrath and the worlds beyond, Rohsong collected the knowledge he encountered on the way. Solusek travelled a long time. There are many tales contained within.[2] [3]

When the Seraphs departed Norrath after the War of Plagues, Solusek left Rohsong with Yelinak, hoping that the dragons would come to trust the young mortal races. That never happened. But Solusek also gave knowledge to the mortals, specifically the dal. It was this knowledge that led the elves to eventually unlock the secrets of High Magic, which they proceeded to keep for themselves.[4]

Lady Vox, who was a renowned scholar among dragons, was fond of studying Rohsong. Yelinak often allowed the white to carry it with her on her travels.[4]