Quin'Sari was a city that was once controlled by the Takish Empire and now lies in ruins. It used to be a hub for goods transported on the Greenblood River that still flows through the city ruins today.[1]

The city was described as majestic, even in ruins. Two thirds of Quin'Sari were built east of the river that runs from the northeast to the southwest separating the last third towards the west. The entire city was built around a large domed structure that dominated the city. [2]

Beneath the surface is a network of caves and tunnels that date back to many centuries before the events of the Dragon War. The upper levels of this network were cut into shape, as they had torch brackets, stairs and well structured walls. Whereas the lower levels remained natural, with stalagmites and stalagtites sometimes blocking both view and passage.[3]

Far below the dome of the ruins of Quin'Sari, deep within the network of tunnels and caves, a Spire portal can be found.

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