Qeynos is a major city in EverQuest Next. Built upon the ruins of a former citadel of the same name, It is the Combine Accord's primary foothold as they return to settle Antonica, which was lost to them during The Dragon War.

"You have to remember that our Qeynos is not the primarily human city of EQ or EQ2. Nor is it a poor or primitive frontier town cobbled together by penniless refugees. Though still in its infancy, it is built by an established world power, architected by a council that wants it to become the greatest city on all Antonica." ~ Steve Danuser on Qeynos.[1]


Qeynos is situated North of Oceangreen Hills and south of JaggedPine Forest


Age of HeroesEdit

After becoming a major power within Kunark, compelling reasons appeared which urged the Combine to return to their homeland. With Bastion no longer a safe location to return to, Combine forces searched Antonica for a suitable location. They found it in the ruins of the former Citadel of Qeynos. This location, on the Western coast of Antonica, was formerly a military outpost built to watch over the region.[2][3] Prior to the Dragon War, the citadel probably had a statue of Miragul.

While the Combine started being led by the Thex family, over time it became much more democratic. At the time players first enter the story, an Elf named Vanagos is in a position of power [4].


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