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Orprest D'Ferren
Race Elf
Class None
Status Deceased
Location Unknown
Affiliation Koada'Dal
Family Lord D'Ferren (husband)

Lady Orprest D'Ferren was a Koada'Dal leader, and a member of the House of Orprest, who attempted to assassinate the leaders of the royal Thex family.[1] She was previously considered a suitable match for the Prince, but headed south to marry the mayor of Myris'Hul, Lord D'Ferren. After his sudden death, Lady Orprest D'Ferren became mayor of Myris'Hul. She was later promoted to the position of a diplomat.[2]

Orprest was held captive in the Tradehall of Bellridge by the Kobolds of the Ring of Scale. She was rescued by Prince Keramore Thex and the Arch Mage Coralen Larkos. She then offered to host a conference in Myris'Hul to discuss the involvement of the Ogres in the war against the Ring of Scale. During the course of the conference, she revealed to Coralen Larkos her plans to assassinate Prince Erador Thex, Prince Keramore Thex and their father King Thex. It turned out that she was not kidnapped in Bellridge, but a guest of the Ring of Scale, invited to plot against the Combine Accord with Ithiosar the Black himself.

She attempted to seduce the Arch Mage Coralen Larkos and place him on the throne, offering to be his queen, but was unsuccessful. Coralen Larkos captured her on the balcony of her own estate, but she was saved by her secret ally, Ithiosar the Black. This rescue, however, was short-lived, as when Coralen used Compulsion on her to distract Ithiosar, the Dragon destroyed her utterly with his acid breath.


Lady Orprest was described as very tall with long raven hair. She was handsome but also described as "too angular to be called pretty". Orprest was elegant and dressed accordingly. She wore dresses, jewelery and perfume.[3]