Neria Naldiir was the daughter of Dalen Naldiir, who was Minister of Security for the Emporer's Council. She was Captain of the Ebon Dagger and belonged to one of the noble Dal families that resided in Takish'Hiz. Neria survived the Ashfall and the utter destruction of Takish'Hiz by chance. She went on to marry Keramore Thex until she was killed by an unknown green Dragon during the Dragon War.

Tagnik Vukar Edit

Neria was ordered to travel to the prison of Tagnik Vukar that was located on the Tagnik plateau in Lavastorm. Her father ordered her to investigate the prison and assassinate Warden Rithier. Neria was accompanied by three elders: Mantineus, Jantris and Varaca. They discovered that Emporer Tah'Re had commanded the conducting of cruel and repugnant experiments on Dragons. However, the Ifrits and the Fire Giants that were supposed to guard the prison, had turned on the Emporer and his soldiers. They killed every Dal that was stationed at Tagnik Vukar and informed the Dragons of the horrible crimes that happened here. When Neria and her companions arrived, the Ifrits showed them the abused and defiled corpses of two Dragons. The Ifrits eventually attacked the group of Dal but failed to kill all of them. As the group tried to flee from this place, the Ashfall occurred. The earth trembled and the prison collapsed. Neria and two of her companions returned to the surface just in time to witness the destruction of Takish'Hiz far to the south.[1]

Appearance Edit

Neria had almond-shaped eyes and her skin had the tone of alabaster.[2]

Family Edit

Notes Edit

Neria's name was derived from Neriak[3]

References Edit

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