"Takish'Hiz will stand for eternity!"
―Emperor Miragul Tah'Re[src]
Miragul Tah'Re
A sand illustration of Miragul by Joe Castillo
Race Elf
Class Mage
Status Deceased
Location Unknown
Affiliation Takish Empire
Family Father: Valinor Tah'Re

In the history of EverQuest Next, Miragul Tah'Re was born a prince and a genius of mind and magic. He spent most of his life surpassing his elders with careless ease. As his father united the dal kingdoms and claimed the imperial throne, Miragul was too busy delving into the depths of magic to take much notice. But after one of Miragul's experiments went too far, his father feared his son's influence and imprisoned him. Miragul realized the time had come to depose his father and take control of the empire himself.[1] Being the skilled mage that he was, Miragul combined the position of monarch with that of the Arch Mage and held both positions.[2] His ascension to the throne set in motion a chain of events which led to the start of the Dragon War.[3]

Miragul Tah'Re and Keramore Thex never got along. When Keramore realized the plan the Emperor had for the dragons, he pushed back[4].

The dragons of Skyshrine believe that Miragul died in Takish'Hiz during the Ashfall[5]


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