Lavastorm is a location in EverQuest Next. It is characterized by the streams of lava that flow across a blackened and barren landscape. Lavastorm is covered with vents that spew forth hot air and smoke as well as obsidian peaks that poke through the ground. Volcanoes obliterated vast swaths of the Old Road that once led through this area, leaving only sections of it uncovered. The sky is obscured with a smoky haze and there is heat radiating from the ground.[1]

Special Locations Edit

Tagnik Vukar Edit

Tagnik Vukar is a prison located in Lavastorm. It was destroyed as a consequence of the Ashfall.[2]

Fauna Edit

Lavastorm is inhabited by heat-resistant creatures, such as Fire Giants, Fire Elementals and Ifrits.[3]

References Edit

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