Keramore Thex
Race Dark Elf (Originally Elf)
Class Warrior
Status Alive
Location Umbra
Affiliation Teir'Dal
Family Raina Thex (mother), King Arandhon Thex (father), Erador Thex (brother), Neria Thex (wife), Faelon Thex (son)

Keramore Thex was commander of the Teir`Dal during the Dragon War. He is the protagonist of the short story The Last Stand of the Teir`Dal.


Keramore is the son of Arandhon Thex, who later became the leader of the Combine, and Raina Thex (deceased). He has an older brother named Erador. The entire Thex family never condoned the enslavement of other races and never considered other races to be lesser to the Dal.[1]

Keramore married Neria and fathered a son named Faelon. Neria was later killed by an unknown green poison elemental Dragon.

Keramore fled the city of Tahrin when the Dragons attacked. He and his elite fighters, the Teir'Dal, traveled to Amaril, where they fought the Ring of Scale until they were backed into the city of Bastion. To secure the survival of the Combine, Keramore and the Teir'Dal met the Dragon army before their final attack on Bastion to distract them from the fleeing Combine. The Teir'Dal fled into the ruins of Quin'Sari and were teleported to the dimension of Umbra.

Appearance Edit

Keramore is a tall and strong-looking Elf with long blond hair and blue eyes.[2]

The Last Stand of the Teir'Dal Edit

During the dragon's siege on the Combine outpost of Bastion, Keramore slew the dragon that killed his wife in a Teir'Dal ambush on the Ring of Scale's camp. Keramore also possessed a pendant, given to him by his mother (the elven queen) which had the power to activate a teleportation spire deep under the ruins of Quin’Sari (Possibly an ancient elven city from the Takish Age),[3]. This allowed Keramore Thex to teleport the entire race of Teir'Dal warriors to the shadowy realm of Umbra[4], away from the threat of the Ring of Scale. This possibly sets the field for Keramore to become the king of a new Teir'Dal society. Keramore had several lieutenants under his command: Ailen Rashard, Thelios Graythal. Jerilith Sal’Kerin. Lanys T'Vyl, and Kailon Rayne.


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