During the Keldarain Era, Norrath was inhabited by races which predate the elves, dwarves, ogres, and other races that came to be in later ages. These early races had a much closer relationship with the dragons than their descendants; they lived side by side, shared knowledge, and ventured through the portals to explore other realms together. They even founded an order of Dragon Knights, which bonded a mortal with a dragon.  The era ended with a cataclysmic event that severely wounded the Nor'I and broke the planet. Without their connection to the Nor'I to sustain them, the Keldarain races died off. When at last the Nor'I had healed itself enough to bring forth life again, new races arose which had ties to those of the previous era but were not direct copies of them, blending, combining and mixing their genetic elements in new and different ways[1].