EQNext human
Human looking coy
Playable Yes
Home Antonica
Associated Deities Unknown
Leader(s) Unknown
Related Races Unknown
Humans are a playable race in EverQuest Next. They are the most populace species within the Combine after the devastation of the elven empire during the Dragon War.

Society Edit

Humans are one of the most culturally diverse races within Norrath and are found in most climates in some form or another. There's the large and rugged Halasians in the north of Antonica to the cosmopolitan humans of Qeynos in the west.

History Edit

Their origins aren't directly known. Although they may have connections to the northern lands of Antonica where great human empires of history were fought for and ruled. Antonia of Bayle was a pristine figure of note that came from these early periods of human strife during the Age of Ascension.

Antonia was but the first in a long line of rulers of the northlands, transforming her home town of Bayle into a hub of human civilization. Though the fortunes of the Bayle family would rise and fall over the ages, the legends of the first queen continued to endure among the northerners. Songs are sung to her in the halls of Halas even to this day, and her descendants are proud to carry on the family name.[1]

Major Figures Edit

Antonia of Bayle

References Edit

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