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is a human city on Antonica in EverQuest Next. Players will visit it relatively early in their career.[1] The region around Halas has it's own separate race of humans called Halasians.

There are two parts to Halas; the Old Town district and the High District.

- The Old Town District was initially constructed when Halas was first founded. The buildings tend to be a bit rougher but living in this district is considered prestigious, as many families who live in this area can trace their lineage back to the founding of the city, and live in the houses built by their ancestors so many years ago.

- The High District makes up the majority of the town, and is the newer section of Halas. The House of Elders is found here, as well as the main market and Hall of Ancestors. The craftsmanship is more modern here, and employs many of the techniques learned by the Halasians through years of practicing their arts. This is also the area better suited to support visitors, complete with inns and streets lined with shops.


Halas was re-established on Antonica by the humans who were left behind after the Combine's evacuation to Kunark. By the time the Combine returned, in the Age of Heroes, it had developed into a thriving city, somehow resisting the wrath of the dragons.[2]

The Iron War Edit

After the founding of Halas, the city's leaders obviously understood the necessity of magic as a resource. But rival clans sought control over certain relics left behind from the struggle against the dragons, leading to an outbreak of hostilities that would come to be called the Iron War. The fallout from this destruction caused Halas' most magically inclined clan and its followers to break away and found their own settlement elsewhere.[3]

Religion Edit

The Four are the primary gods of Halas, where the northerners are known for stubbornly clinging to their traditions.[4]


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