When we launched, we happily opened the door to welcome fansites from our community to share in the fun. The response has been overwhelming, to say the least! The requests to be listed in our article are still coming in, and they span the globe!

Because the response has been so positive, we decided to do a little organizing to help differentiate the plethora of sites and communities and blogs. Because we’re located in the US, we’ve separated the list by Fan Sites (US and other English language sites focused on news), Fan Communities (blogs, forums, and other sites focused on community), and International Fan Sites & Communities (all of the above, in languages other than English.).

If you run an EverQuest Next or EverQuest Next Landmark fansite, please update the appropriate Fan Sites, Fan Communities, or International Fan Sites & Communities pages accordingly with your fansite's information. Please do not delete any links unless they are for your own fansite.

Fan SitesEdit

  • Deine Fan & RP Community (Deutsch)Go to
  • EQ HammerGo to
  • EQ Next FansGo to

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International Fan SitesEdit

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Fan CommunitiesEdit

Fan Podcasts, Web Shows, & LivestreamsEdit

  • EverCast Show 
  • Debuffed by Grievance Gaming
  • EQNext+
  • The Honor Empire

VOIPs (Voice Over IP)Edit

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