Emperor Sssraeshza
Ssraeshza in EverQuest Worlds
Race Shissar
Class Unknown
Status Unknown
Location Unknown
Affiliation Shissar Empire
Family Unknown
Ssraeshza was the emperor of the shissar when they first came in contact with the people of Norrath.  He was regarded as a god by his people, conquering many worlds with his vast slave army.  His rule lasted from some point before the elves first encountered the shissar in the Age of Allies, at least until the end of the Takish Age when, frustrated by the dal's resistance to his invasion attempts, Ssraeshza brought about the Sundering, the second great cataclysm in Norrath's history. [1]



  • Quintas - The creature who infiltrated Takish'Hiz and corrupted its Spire's portal stone.  It is likely he was acting on Ssraeshza's orders.[2]


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