Concept art of dwarves
Playable Yes
Home Norrath
Associated Deities Unknown
Leader(s) Unknown
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Dwarves are a playable race in EverQuest Next.  


Dwarves are short, stocky folk with tremendous passions for brewing, mining, and brawling. The bonds of friendship and family run deep within the dwarves, and they will fight relentlessly for the sake of kith and kin. While sometimes loyal to a fault to friends and clan-mates, they have been known to stubbornly cling to grudges—sometimes for generations. Dwarves take tremendous pride in their long beards and even longer bloodlines. Many a war has been fought over an ill-advised jape about a dwarf’s heritage or ability to hold one’s brew.

The northern mountains of Faydwer hold the cradle of dwarven culture, a land rich in precious ores and gemstones. They are renowned metalworkers and crafters, purveyors of the finest arms and armor on Norrath. Dwarves feel most at home in the earth, where their massive underground cities afford wealth as well as nigh-impenetrable defenses. When circumstances force them to build on the surface, dwarves surround themselves with thick walls of hard stone.

It is said that the spirits of fallen dwarves are called to Brell’s Forge for judgment. Past sins are burned away in purifying fire, while noble deeds are tempered in cooling waters. Through this process, the dwarven spirit is re-forged to be born again in a new body. Legend claims that orcs try to steal dwarven spirits before they can reach the Forge, so by defeating the orcish hordes, dwarves believe they are freeing the captive spirits of their ancestors.[1]


Originally from Norrath, when passageways to the other worlds were discovered, many dwarves were drawn to the realm of Akashidak. It was there that they founded the city of Moradhim.

On Norrath, dwarves founded the city of Kaladim, on the continent of Faydwer. 

The dwarves who remained on Amaril were subjugated by elves during the Dal Era. After the Ashfall, dwarves were the first race to join Keramore Thex and the Combine Empire and join the fight against the dragons the Dragon War.

After the fall of Bastion, the majority of dwarves fled to Kunark with the rest of the Combine Alliance.[2]

Notable DwarvesEdit


Main article: Rastimund

Rastimund was a dwarf in Takish'Hiz who was coerced by the creature Quintas into stealing a portal gem from the city vaults. The gem was sabotaged and used to open a portal to Akashidak, which malfunctioned and caused the Ashfall, utterly destroying the city and merging part of Akashidak with Norrath. He was one of the many thousands killed by the disaster.[3]



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