Dark Elf
DarkElves SOELIVE14
Dark Elves from the EQNext Keynote at SOE live 2014
Playable Yes
Home Umbra
Associated Deities Seraphs
Leader(s) Keramore Thex
Related Races Elves


Dark Elves, otherwise known as Teir'Dal, are a playable race in EverQuest Next. They originated as an order of warriors within elven society, but exposure to the potent magical forces of Umbra transformed them into a dark, aggressive race distinctly separate from their kin[1].

History & LoreEdit

The Teir'Dal were a caste of warriors within elven society. These elven warriors were led by the elven king's son, Keramore Thex, during the end of the Dragon War and survived separated from the Combine Accord during the Age of Exile. While escaping the pursuit of the dragons, the Teir'Dal warriors found an old underground teleportal which allowed them to escape the Ring of Scale[2], leading them to the realm of Umbra. Here, they were transformed both physically and culturally by potent magical forces, so that the elves that eventually returned to Norrath were unrecognizable as the band that followed Keramore Thex all those years ago[3].  


Although the Teir'Dal were initially normal elves, their time in Umbra led to a series of dramatic biological changes. At some point during their time there, they became exposed to potent magical forces which awakened the ancient dragon-essence residing in them from the Dragon Knights of the Keldarain Era. This led to their characteristic distinct appearance, which, when they eventually returned to Norrath, often meant they were met with distrust and sometimes hatred. Rumors arose of "dragon blood" running in their veins which, while not strictly true, served as a colloquial understanding of their apparent transformation. Interestingly, these features seem impervious to interbreeding—children of unions between elves and dark elves are always dark elves[4].  


Overall, the Teir'Dal were a loyal, fierce military force who proved loyal to the Combine races during the Dal Era and served as an effective weapon against the dragons during the Dragon War.  


The Teir'Dal primarily followed Mithaniel of the Seraphs while they were a part of the Combine. Whether they hold on to their belief in the Seraphs in the Age of Exile remains to be seen.

Notable Teir'DalEdit

Keramore ThexEdit

    Main article: Keramore Thex

Prince Keramore Thex was the commander of the Teir'Dal forces during the end of the Dal Era and the beginning of the Age of Exile. His actions resulted in his entire army's teleportation to the shadowy realm of Umbra, where dark magic would gradually transform them both physically and culturally into the dark elves that would one day return to Norrath.  

Neria ThexEdit

Keramore's dead wife, slain by a poison elemental Dragon loyal to the Ring of Scale. Had she lived, she may have become the Queen of the Teir'Dal. If Keramore establishes a Teir'Dal city named Neriak on Amaril, it may be named after her.

Lanys T'VylEdit

One of Keramore's lieutenants during the Dragon War. She was tasked with securing the Teir'Dal's escape route via the ruins of Quin’Sari. As a Teir'Dal officer, Lanys approached her duties "like an overzealous priest of some long dead god."



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