"The Ring of Scale attacks at sunset."
―Arch Mage Coralen Larkos[src]
Coralen Larkos
A sand illustration of Coralen from The Founding of Qeynos by Joe Castillo
Race Elf
Class Mage
Status Undead
Location Amaril
Affiliation Previous: Combine

Current: Ring of Scale

Family Wife: Kallisa

Son: Kallor

Coralen Larkos was a dal from deep in the northern forests of Amaril.[1] He became a student of the Guild of Mages in Tahrin, Faydwer, and went on to join Prince Keramore Thex and his Teir'Dal when the dragons attacked Faydwer. He later became the Arch Mage on the council of the Combine during the Dragon War. Even though his views were quite similar to the notion of superiority enforced by the now forbidden Koada'Dal, he refused to join their cause and ultimately remained loyal to the Combine.

Coralen was reluctant at first and did not want to join the Teir'Dal in the Dragon War.[2] But when he killed a dragon in the battle at Lucinia, he realized what his powers could accomplish. So he joined the war and later became Arch Mage of the Combine.

He faced the leader of the Ring of Scale army, Ithiosar the Black, near Myris'Hul. He failed to kill him but learned of the massive invasion that was awaiting the Combine.[3] His warnings were ignored and when the Ring of Scale attacked, the peoples of Norrath sought refuge in the last fortress of the Combine, Bastion. Coralen led the defense of Bastion during its seige, but ultimately gave his life in battle so that the people of the Combine could escape across the sea to Kunark.  He was then raised from the dead by Ithiosar the Black, who transformed him into an undead lich who slaughtered those who had stayed behind in Bastion.


Coralen was married to Kallisa, with whom he fathered a son named Kallor. Kallisa was killed by a smoke-blackened wyvern, which irrepairably damaged Coralen's bond with his son. Instead, he took the magic student Merion under his wing, considering him to be more of a son to him than Kallor ever was.

Coralen was a very close friend to Prince Keramore Thex. Despite falling out with each other during the Dragon War, the two maintained a certain level of loyalty and benevolence towards one another. Coralen generally did not value friendships, except for the the one with Keramore.[4]


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