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TR3LON1ST TR3LON1ST 14 July 2014

City Template

Hey everybody,

I have recently put the picture of Takish'Hiz on its wikia page, but it took me a while to get there. There was an infobox template named "NPC", but it would display lots of categories that made no sense for cities. So I looked up how to create them and made a new template for cities. The city infoboxes are called Template:City and contain the following categories:

  • title
  • image (sized down to 210px in width)
  • image caption
  • status
  • location

As most of the cities mentioned in the lore are now destroyed, I thought it made sense to add that category. The location category is pretty self-explanatory and the other categories, too.

If you want to add a category, go right ahead, and if you don't know how, let me know and I will.

TR3LON1ST (talk…

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Mythicia77 Mythicia77 4 June 2014

Guild Pages

In order to differentiate between Guild pages and actual in-game characters etc, it makes sense that all guild pages should be named with the prefix "Guild:" ie. "Guild: Crashtestdummies."  This will avoid scenarios that could potentially cause confusion eg:

Dragonriders, a guild, versus Dragon Knights, an ancient Keldarain order.  

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Dexella Dexella 12 February 2014

For Fan Sites and Guilds

Hi everyone!

Fansites (which include guild pages, livestreams/webshows, podcasts, blogs, and more) are a significant part of the EverQuest Next community. 

In order to those who run the sites to be able to keep their information up to date, and to allow new sites that pop up a chance to be included on the list, we've moved the official fansite list HERE, to our official Wikia! Now, if you run a fansite, podcast, livestream, or similar site for EverQuest Next, you can add yourself to the list.

Currently, the fansite list page includes the external links to a significant number of the fansites, but you can also create a unique page on the Wikia for your site! To learn more about creating content on the Wikia, check out Yaviey's blog ! 

If you ru…

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Xinrae Xinrae 3 February 2014

EQNLandmark Alpha

Me and many other members of the Acolytes community have started playing Landmark. Feel free to contact me in game if you'd like to hang with us! My character's name is Xinrae and my claim is on Liberation - Fault :) 


It's awesome so far!

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Matt Hadick Matt Hadick 1 February 2014

EverQuest Next Landmark Starter's Guide

Sony Online Entertainment is trying something new with EverQuest Next Landmark, a multiplayer online sandbox building game that will give players all the tools they need to build the fantasy realms that they themselves would like to see. The best “landmarks,” which is what the team is coining fan creations, will be featured as official locales to be explored by millions in the upcoming EverQuest Next.

Landmark players will find themselves alone in a vast landscape, free to use the tools and resources at their disposal to shape the world to their desires. The first item the player has is called a “claim flag,” which is used to claim the area that they’d like to craft upon. This makes the area off-limits to others for purposes of mining and buildi…

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Dexella Dexella 30 January 2014

Round Table Official Forums Update

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your participation in the Round Table thus far! It has certainly sparked interesting discussions, both here on the forums and internally at SOE. We’ve enjoyed reading what you’ve had to say!

As you know, we view Round Table as a key part of our development process. Additionally, in some cases the conversation in one RT thread has led to a different RT topic at a later time. You’re also always welcome to contact me directly with ideas for future RT polls as well!

One thing that is important to us is keeping the conversation focused on what the top conversations/questions/issues are currently. In order to do this, we’re going to start closing some of the older threads. When these threads are locked, there will be a fi…

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Xinrae Xinrae 21 January 2014

Dying From Iksar Love

The EQN Round Table Response #21: Large Races has me so psyched right now, I could flip my cubicle. IKSARS! 

The concept art looks really cool so far and I really like that the art (at least the art in the video) is leaning toward a less humanoid look. I prefer more of a dragony look, but I would also like to see a variety of lizard types.


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Xinrae Xinrae 13 December 2013


I bought my Trailblazer pack and am ready for Landmark :) While I know humans will be the only playable race at first (maybe longer), I hope to have an iksar as my main character. An iksar shadowknight in EQ was my first MMO character ever and iksars have held a special place in my heart since.

In Landmark, I plan on building a few structures for my iksar or perhaps dedicated to my past iksars depending on how playable races end up getting picked. If you see a tavern by a river, stop in and look for Xinrae :)

I look forward to seeing what everyone builds!

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Yaviey Yaviey 14 November 2013

Wikia Wednesday - How to Report Inappropriate Behavior

We've recently been over a number of important topics related to Wikia such as communicating, creating a page, and more. But one of the most important topics is how to protect yourself and your work on Wikia, by getting help dealing with harassment, spam, copyright infringement, etc. Of course we hope that you never come across anything of the sort, but it’s important to know the best steps to take so that we can make everyone’s Wikia experience enjoyable.


Harassment is a serious issue and one that is not taken lightly here at SOE. Harassment can come in the form of taunting, abusive words, offensive images, threats, etc. If another user is doing this to you or anyone else, please report the behavior via e-mail to jbridges@soe.son…

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Yaviey Yaviey 8 November 2013

Wikia Wednesday - How to Organize Using Categories

It's been over a month now and we’ve taken you through lots of great tips and tricks on Wikia, such as how to edit a Wikia page, create a new page, add multimedia, communicate, and more. Today we’re here to show you how to better organize the content on a Wikia so that other users can find it easier.

Why Organize?

You know that junk drawer in your house that you keep everything in? Then when you need to find something you practically have to pour it out and scour through the entire mess to find what you’re looking for? That's exactly what a Wikia can be like if it's not organized.

About Categories

Categories serve as tags for Wikia content. For instance, a page about a sword or gun should have the categories "weapons" in addition to more speci…

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Yaviey Yaviey 30 October 2013

Wikia Wednesday - How to Communicate on Wikia

For the past four weeks we've shown you all sorts of great tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your Wikia experience. We've shown you how to edit a Wikia page, create a new page, add multimedia, and more. Today we're here to show you one of the most important tasks of all – how to communicate!

Why Communicate?

There are many reasons why you will find it useful to communicate with other Wikia users on a Wikia. For instance, you may want a new page you just created added to the top navigation, and in order to do that, you would need to ask an administrator to add it for you. (You can do this by asking them on their Talk Page.) Another example is when you find a page on a particular topic and want to know more information. Making a po…

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Yaviey Yaviey 23 October 2013

Wikia Wednesday - How to Add Multimedia to a Wikia Page

We've almost had one full month of Wikia Wednesdays! Last week we showed you how to create a Wikia page on one of SOE's official Wikias. Today we're here to show you how to add multimedia to a page on your favorite SOE Wikia!

Why Add Multimedia to a Wikia?

Have you ever heard the expression, "a picture is worth a thousand words?" In the world of the Internet, this saying couldn’t be truer. Our eyes naturally gravitate towards content that is rich with images and videos, so it's important that these are found on Wikia, too! Multimedia makes the pages more engaging and personable. It can also be even more helpful to a user when there are images of NPCs, maps, etc. Additionally, it's very useful for mobile Wikia users so they don't just see a w…

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Yaviey Yaviey 16 October 2013

Wikia Wednesday - How to Create a Page

Did you know? SOE has 11 official Wikias for your favorite games! Isn’t it about time you learned how to use them? Last week we showed you how to edit a Wikia page. Today we’re here to show you how to add a new page to your favorite SOE Wikia!

Why Create a New Page?

Going through your favorite game’s official Wikia, you may find that some information is missing. For instance, you may find that an NPC for a quest or even data on a specific favorite weapon is not listed. You have the power to change that! After all, most of the content on a Wikia is supplied by contributors just like you.

How to Create a New Page

Don’t worry; adding a new Wikia page is really easy! Just append the new page name you’d like to create after /wiki/ in the URL. Examp…

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Yaviey Yaviey 9 October 2013

Wikia Wednesday – How to Edit a Wikia

Did you know? SOE has 11 official Wikias for your favorite games! Isn’t it about time you learned how to use them? Today we’re here to show you how to edit a page on your favorite SOE Wikia!

Why Edit?

You've almost certainly been there – you hop on a wiki to look up how to complete a quest or mission and you find it…only to realize that the information is out of date. Luckily you figure out the quest yourself – now YOU have the power to help make someone else’s experience better!

There are many important reasons you will want to edit pages on a Wikia. For instance, you may see incorrect spelling, bad grammar, strange formatting, or just plain wrong information. Since Wikias are a community effort, it takes all of us working together to make s…

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Yaviey Yaviey 2 October 2013

Introducing Wikia Wednesday

You’ve probably heard Wikias mentioned on a number of SOE games, but you may still be wondering – what is a Wikia? Wikias are an amazing player resource, a place to connect with fellow players and your community managers, and more! Each week we’ll bring you tips and tricks so that you can get the most out of the Wikias. This week, we’re giving you a run-down of what a Wikia is with a basic introduction.

Did you know?

SOE has 11 official Wikias for your favorite games! In 2012 we partnered with Wikia to bring players a new way to enjoy our games – with an online, living strategy guide that everyone can edit and use. We have converted several previously existing player Wikias into official communities. We’ve also built some from the ground up.


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Dexella Dexella 17 September 2013

September 2013 Producer's Video!

Hello Norrathians!

Senior Producer Terry Michaels has released a Producer's Video for the month of September 2013. For those of you familiar with Producer's Letters from some other SOE games, this is similar to that -- only in video form! Check it out and hear what's coming up this month in the world of EverQuest Next and EverQuest Next Landmark:

Dexella (talk) 19:42, September 17, 2013 (UTC)Dexella

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Yaviey Yaviey 29 August 2013

SOE at PAX Prime and Dragon Con!

This week, SOE heads to both PAX Prime and Dragon Con! The events are going on at the same time (August 30, 2013 – September 2, 2013). Between the two conventions we’ll be talking about PlanetSide 2, Dragon’s Prophet, EverQuest Next, EverQuest II, DCUO, and Free Realms. Here’s some more info on what we’ll be doing:

  • 1 PAX Prime
    • 1.1 Panels
  • 2 Dragon Con
    • 2.1 Panels
  • 3 Giveaways

Join the SOE team at panels (see below) or the booth (#3336)! The SOE team will have stage presentations, game demos, giveaways, and more! Stop on by!

  • As Beta As You Wanna Be with Linda “Brasse” Carlson on Friday, August 30th at 11:30 AM PDT in the Wolfman Theater.
  • The Future of Online Games with Dave “SmokeJumper” Georgeson on Friday, August 30th at 1:30 PM PDT in the Serpent Theatre.…

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Axerax Axerax 20 August 2013

Differences in Races in Parallel Norrath

When I watched the videos and read some of the material so far I have noticed that there are a few strange things different. Like for example when the developers went into full play near the end they mention that they are fighting Iksar. The creatures are miniature lizard people, something not unheard of or unseen in Norrath, but are they really going to make Iksar kobold size or will they do something different.

So now with that in mind, what changes have you seen that you either dislike or love about the new redesigns for races as they are unveiled?

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Soe amnerys Soe amnerys 3 August 2013

Meet Your EverQuest Next Community Managers

Hail, and well met! We're at SOE Live in Las Vegas and we are so excited we can finally start talking about EverQuest Next! Let's take a moment to get to know each other...

EverQuest Next has a team of Community Managers tackling the task of "All Things Community." Colette "Dexella" Murphy and me, Tiffany "Amnerys" Spence. Colette and I have both worked as Community Managers on EverQuest and EverQuest Next, and we're very excited to have the chance to be a part of EverQuest Next, as well. We also have the support of Eric "Piestro" Cleaver, Linda "Brasse" Carlson, and the whole SOE Community Relations Team.

Right now we're in the thick of the action at SOE Live and I know there is a lot of news coming down the pipes from the presentations, pa…

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Matraque Matraque 2 August 2013

Welcome to the Everquest Next Wikia!

Welcome to the wiki!

First, a bit of introduction.  My name is Mathieu aka Matraque and I am part of your Admin group.  I have been introduced to the world of Everquest in 1999 and was lucky enough to be part of Beta 3.  I have been playing MMORPG since 1997.

Feel free to contribute and have fun!

If you have questions, feedback or just want to chat, send me a message!

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Lionheart2008 Lionheart2008 2 August 2013


Please keep it where each class has a unique ability, dont do like in eq2 where unique abilities for example sarnak fire breath was taken away and feign death is something everybody can do now with a tinkered item.

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Lionheart2008 Lionheart2008 2 August 2013

Kerran race

I like kerran's as a race in the game, My main character in eq2 is a kerra, I have a story I am working on which is a background story of his past. I am excited about any new kerra lore that is in everquest next, but the new look reminds me of a free realms character. Can soe do something about the new look.

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SOE Domino SOE Domino 2 August 2013

Hello from Emily "Domino" Taylor: Producer

Hello Wikia!

I’m Emily “Domino” Taylor, also known as @pentapod on Twitter, formerly of EverQuest 2 and now very excited to be a producer on the upcoming EverQuest Next and Landmark titles.

As I write this, there’s a week to go before SOE Live. The team has been hard at work planning what we’ll reveal in the keynote and on the panels, and deciding what we’ll save to talk about later, because we have so much exciting stuff to talk about that it’s going to take a while to get it all out there!

A small group of us are also spending multiple hours every day rehearsing the debut, which is going to be presented by Dave “Smokejumper” Georgeson but half a dozen of us will be on demo machines behind him driving the live demo, jumping when he says jump…

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