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Bastion was a Combine fortress on the East coast of Amaril[1]. It was the last refuge for the Combine that ultimately fell to the Ring of Scale during the final days of the Dragon War.

The Combine was in preparation for an attack by the Dragon Army, when they were surprised by their appearance only a day's ride away. The Dragon Army made use of a tunnel that was dug under the Serpentspine Mountains. Prince Keramore Thex and his Teir'Dal as well as Arch Mage Coralen Larkos and volunteers of Dal, Dwarves and Ogres set up distractions to allow the rest of the Combine to evacuate to safety on the continent of Kunark. Ithiosar himself led the siege and Bastion's defeat was inevitable. The Dragons remained as the continent's absolute rulers until the eventual return of the Combine during the Age of Heroes.


The Fortress of Bastion was located on the Eastern coast of Amaril[2]. The Timorous Deep lay to the southeast, the Trialith Valley lay to the south, while the Quin'Sari ruins and the Greenblood River lay to the southwest.[3] Bastion lay to the south of Myris'Hul[4].

Fortress Design[]

The fortress was placed on a cliff, with the Eastern side protected by sheer rocky cliffs. The Main gate faced the North. It had a ditchless base which opened up to flat ground leading to the northern ridge. The second gate was on the Southwestern side of the fortress, defended by a deep ditch and a sheer wall.[5]