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Antonica (West) and Amaril (East) after the events of the Ashfall.

Antonica, elven name Amaril, is a continent in Norrath. Once one large continent it was split in two by the events of the Ashfall leaving Antonica to the west and Amaril to the east.    


Early in the Dal Era, there were three main kingdoms on the continent. The elves controlled most of the northeast, which they called Amaril. Humans held the frozen lands of the northwest, which they called Antonica. The ogres held lands in the south and called their kingdom Rathetyr.

After the formation of the Takish Empire and the subjugation of the other races, the elves began to refer to the entire continent as Amaril as a sign of their authority. At the end of the Takish Age, the Spire in the city of Takish'Hiz was sabotaged, and the ley line that ran vertically though the continent exploded, separating the eastern third in the event that would come to be called the Ashfall.[1]

With the exodus of the Combine at the end of the Dragon War, elves were no longer the dominant kingdom on the continent, and the ogres lacked the organization to seize power. The humans were the most numerous race, so they brought back the name of Antonica. The eastern landmass that was sundered from the continent, which includes the heart of the old elven kingdom, was still referred to as Amaril.

These designations would still be in use by the Age of Heroes, when EverQuest Next takes place.[2]