The Age of Allies is an age in the Dal Era. It was during this time that Spires were discovered, and alliances formed by the Elves with the other races. Their alliance with the Dragons caused a leap forward in magic and technology. [1] The culmination of the age leading to the ogre rebellion and accordingly the first use of the Renda'Elith, an unknown but extremely powerful high magic weapon that destroyed the entire ogre city of Toshirakk, and with it, ended the rebellion and began the Age of Empire.[2]

The Ogre Rebellion Edit

The ogre rebellion marked the end of the Age of Allies. In a bid to purge dal influence from their homeland, the ogres marched on the elven city of Quin’Sari and left it in ruins. But instead of driving the elves away, the massacre drew the ire of General Valinor Tah’Re, who retaliated with a weapon that forever altered the balance of power in the world. This weapon obliterated the city of Toshirakk in one move marking the end of the ogre rebellion and the beginning of the Age of Empire.

Notable Figures Edit

Razors Edit

Members of the battalion under the command of Warchief Razor. They were a very successful and elite group of ogres whom harassed the rear of the dal army killing at least 12 dal for every 1 ogre death. It began with 32 members but died off with the fall of Razor, Kattar, his second in command, and Tork who were attacked by many dal and Tier'dal patrols on the way to warn Toshirakk of an impending plan by Valinor Tah'Re to use high magic to attack the Ogre capital city of Toshirakk, ultimately too late. Tork, the last of the Razors, witnessed the destruction of his races capital city and died in a furious rush to kill Valinor Tah're himself.

Valinor Tah'Re Edit

A key figure during the events of the Age of Allies, he was a general at the time of the rebellion and harnessed an unknown weapon of high magic that turned the once majestic capital of the ogres, Toshirakk, into rubble and in turn was responsible for the event that turned the Age of Allies into the Age of Empires.[3]

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